Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Danke Schoen and the Brick House

Gramma Gaye thought Max's new hairdo looked like Wayne Newton. Max:

"Who's Wayne Newton?"

This led to a short lecture from Dad about one of the hardest working showmen on the planet, and his somehow-ageless, never-graying, gravity-defying hairdo. I did a google image search, and came across a photo of a very young Wayne Newton. Separated at birth?

The nose is all wrong, and young Wayne's got a better dental plan than we do, but between the dimples and the hair, it's fun.

AK has now officially rocked the Millers Analogy Test, the Graduate Records Exam, and her Math Ed. Graduate interview. She's done all the filing and forms and is a shoe-in for acceptance to the Masters program at Penn State. There is an assistantship she is way qualified for, and she had the whole Math Ed. team pushing for it (it's technically through the Ed program, not Math Ed . . . ) but alas it is only for doctoral students. However, her recommendations and credentials were so glowing that the Ed people are going to try and find something for her to get paid for. That interview is January 16th, giving The Lovely and Talented Mrs. Hults plenty of time to wig, worry and otherwise freak out. Here she is all gussied up like a pro in her new X-mas outfit, new bag, and the earrings her mother left behind at Thanksgiving . . .

OUCH Hot Mama! She's a burrrrr-ICK -- houuuuuuse. She's mighty mighty . . .



Pupp Daddy Dog spends his days working as an entrepeneur and as a Dad. He is passionately in love with/obsessively neurotic about his family. Imagine Kicking Bird mixed with Albert Brooks. Oh, and throw in some Notorious B.I.G.


Alaska is the frustrated but caring cat at the center of our canine universe. All of us alternately worship, rely on and ceaselessly whine to her. Her need to control everything is confounded by the fact that she really pretty much does control everything, so in her few free moments, she knits and searches desperately for things to fuss about.



Max is smart and handsome, with a big heart. He is not only growing like a weed, but he has the attention span and concentration abilities of a weed. Despite my best efforts, AK keeps feeding him and he keeps growing. Our plan is to keep him so busy with school, sports & the arts that he won't notice he's a teenager and is supposed to hate us. T minus 2.5 years to teen launch, so far so good.



 Ben and Milo are phenomenal little creatures who remind us minute-by-minute not only how little control we have in this world, but why we should cease our controlling efforts and just laugh at all of God's jokes. Lately, Milo likes to dance and is good on the piano. Ben likes to mimic Max and enjoys manipulating adults and anyone else who has no idea how quietly brilliant he is. Both of them would love your full and complete attention. Really, stop reading silly blogs and join the fan club now. Ok? Ok.








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