Saturday, August 02, 2008

Wacky Saturday

We're having way too much fun here.

We had dinner at friends' house last night. SCORE! Then Max slept over there on account of he's their 12 year-old's only real bud since they moved in about a month ago. Then this morning we had Mirth & Girth Mormon Racquetball Underground, which was a little less well attended than last week. But it still ruled because I again pushed myself one whole game past where I was comfortable. I didn't play well, but it's great excercise, the highlight of my week realy. Then I mowed our lawn. Well, the part of our lawn that people can see mostly, anyway. What with AK and I away from home all day and it being so hot, our house is very white-trashy this Summer with weeds and neglect all over everything. Oh and then I installed a new weather strip on Gramma's door.

AK did some cleaning at Gramma's house. Then she napped. Then she took Gramma shopping and got home just in time for Max and I to go see Get Smart. MUCH fun, that. Alan Arkin was a riot. I thoroughly enjoy looking at Anne Hathaway. Hubba hubba. And Steve Carell is, even at his worst, just a little better than your average comic actor. He's proven himself in straight drama roles, alright. But he brings a level of sincerity to his comedy characters that is really special. He was solely responsible for the entire 3rd dimension in the Apatow-typical 40-Year Old Virgin.

So we get home (after buying some Ben & Jerry's for Alaska. Because WE got a treat. So she should get a treat. And the thing with dating Mormon girls, you can't exactly ply them with acohol to get them in the mood. Not that alcohol was ever very affective on my wife, it only ever put her to sleep. Or it made her puke -- and go to sleep. Anyway. . . ) . . . and AK is deep into her strawberry jam canning project. She's giddy with it. She's making the flat little jars into spaceships and making weak spaceship noises with them. I claim her noises are weak because she's only ever watched 4 movies in her entire life, she claims it's a girl thing. What think ye? Are the fairer sex genetically predisposed to make totally lame special effects noises? What does your spaceship sound like? Hers went "chub chub chub. . ." more like a Model A Ford than a spaceship.

THEN she starts quoting Homestar Runner. Which is something, because I don't think she's ever watched one second of Homestar Runner. But it is a testament to how much Max and I quote Homestar Runner. She's playing with jars, on account of the canning (and the Loopy Canning Lady Fever she's developed this evening. . . ) and whereas she usually says chirpingly "Thank you!" every time a lid pops? Now she's quoting Coach Z and saying "GOOD JOOOAAARRRRB!"

Now you have seen 700% more Homestar Runner (and my favorite character!) than my wife has.

Max made us take him to Barnes & Noble the other night, so he could spend some of the cash he's earned. He bought an Artemis Fowle book and a Red Wall series book, one of which he's already finished. I'm encouraged to see that maybe he CAN get bored of computer games and DOES value a good book. I looked but didn't find anything worth the money when we've got a perfectly good library even closer than the book store. AK got some math books to help her on the Geometry job she just got and the twins got a small chapter book each. That was a nice treat :).

And that's where we are at 8:21 on a Saturday night. We're looking forward to Starve'n Talk day at church tomorrow, followed by dinner with Gramma and watching a new Disney Muppet TV special at her house. I hope that's good. I watched an online clip of Kermit and Piggy on the Today show, and it was completely uninspired :(. Miss Piggy just isn't Miss Piggy without Frank Oz underneath. As long as he's alive, they should pay him whatever he wants to get under there and be Miss Piggy!




Pupp Daddy Dog spends his days working as an entrepeneur and as a Dad. He is passionately in love with/obsessively neurotic about his family. Imagine Kicking Bird mixed with Albert Brooks. Oh, and throw in some Notorious B.I.G.


Alaska is the frustrated but caring cat at the center of our canine universe. All of us alternately worship, rely on and ceaselessly whine to her. Her need to control everything is confounded by the fact that she really pretty much does control everything, so in her few free moments, she knits and searches desperately for things to fuss about.



Max is smart and handsome, with a big heart. He is not only growing like a weed, but he has the attention span and concentration abilities of a weed. Despite my best efforts, AK keeps feeding him and he keeps growing. Our plan is to keep him so busy with school, sports & the arts that he won't notice he's a teenager and is supposed to hate us. T minus 2.5 years to teen launch, so far so good.



 Ben and Milo are phenomenal little creatures who remind us minute-by-minute not only how little control we have in this world, but why we should cease our controlling efforts and just laugh at all of God's jokes. Lately, Milo likes to dance and is good on the piano. Ben likes to mimic Max and enjoys manipulating adults and anyone else who has no idea how quietly brilliant he is. Both of them would love your full and complete attention. Really, stop reading silly blogs and join the fan club now. Ok? Ok.








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